The Doctrine and Practice of the Inter-American Human Rights System

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On-site course in San Jose, Costa Rica. The course will provide an overview and critique of the case law and practice of the Inter-American human rights system. The system, comprised of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (based in Washington) and the Inter-American Court (based in San Jose, Costa Rica), is part of the Organization of American States and plays a central role in the protection of fundamental rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. Over the past two decades, the organs of the system have developed important jurisprudence in the area of human rights and have served to stimulate debate and to prompt progressive change in domestic legislation and state practice in the Americas. The course will examine the principal decisions of the Commission and the Court, as well as their impact in-country. We will also study approaches to litigation in the system and a range of critiques of the system and its constituent bodies. To do so most effectively, the course will be taught in San Jose, Costa Rica, the seat of the Court. This location will facilitate the participation of guest speakers who are likely to include one or more practitioners before the Court, attorneys, and justices of the Court. All classes will be taught in English or translated. Harvard Law School will provide funding to students admitted to the course for travel to and from and lodging in San Jose, Costa Rica during the period of the course. The course will be taught on Monday-Thursday mornings during January term. Admission is BY PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTORS. Interested students should send a CV and a brief (300 words or less) statement of background and interest to Yennifer Pedraza ( Deadline for applicants is September 24, 2012. Students should expect to receive decisions within three weeks of the deadline date.

Subject Areas: Human Rights , International, Comparative & Foreign Law .