Feminist Legal Theory

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Fall 2012 Course
Meets: M, T 8:40am - 10:10am in Griswold Hall Room 110
3 classroom credits

In this course, we will read feminist theory, queer theory, and other critical theory in order examine constructions of gender and the roles legal systems play in those constructions. We will explore some of the general themes and debates that have emerged as feminists attempt to understand and critique the law’s explicit and implicit constructions of gender as they relate to various groups of women and men. We will also discuss specific applications of theory to law and social policy, including topics related to work and wealth distribution, intimate and familial relationships, power and violence, identity performance and constraints on agency, and the regulation of sexuality. Throughout the semester, students will be expected to engage in their own theoretical analyses, both in writing and during class discussion.

Subject Areas: Family, Gender & Children's Law , Legal & Political Theory .