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Entertainment and Media Law

Winter 2014 Course
Meets: M, T, W, Th, F 2:00pm - 4:15pm in WCC Room 1015
2 classroom credits

This course reflects an integrated approach to entertainment and media, particularly on legal doctrines and industry norms that are unique to this field. The course will focus on new challenges faced by the entertainment and media industries in response to the recent (and ongoing) paradigm shift to digital production and distribution, with an emphasis on the role of lawyers in shaping current and future practice and policy. We will cover deal making norms in the motion picture, television, music, and digital entertainment and media industries; the challenges of reconciling contemporary technologies and business practices with long-standing legal doctrine; and the role of Congress and various federal agencies and departments (such as the FCC, FTC and the US Department of Justice) in establishing and enforcing entertainment and media policies and regulations. Students will participate in three problem-solving exercises corresponding to litigation, transactional, and policy-oriented practices in entertainment and media law. Prior coursework in intellectual property is highly recommended.